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Star Children’s Program

Posted on March 01, 2013

STARS Children’s Program
Approximately one in four children is exposed to alcohol abuse or dependency in the family. The effect of drug abuse on our children is played out through increase in anti-social behavior, drugs and violence in our community.
Children are at a higher risk for problems in school and in social relationships.
However, we know that support groups have proven to benefit children of substance abusing parents. Groups are like a safety net, lessen children’s confusion about drug abuse and build a sense of belonging. Children are empowered in groups and they are fun. The entire family can be strengthened through participation in groups.
STARS Children’s Program is a support program for children affected by alcohol and drug abuse .
Children learn to understand the disease of drug abuse and that it is not their fault. Trained, caring staff assists the youngsters to develop coping skills, tools to care for themselves..
It’s an experience!