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Above the influence…youth share.
Posted: December 01, 2013


Made By Genna Transcript VISUAL: The commercial opens on complex animation of abstract shapes, colors and textures merging into each other—influencing each other—to reveal a boy’s face. We hear a teenage girl describe what we’re seeing. We hear a teenage girl describe what we’re seeing. GIRL: I guess you can say influence comes in all shapes and sizes. VISUAL: The scene expands to reveal the boy is in a headlock, as a mob of teens look on. GIRL: It can push you around and make you feel stupid. VISUAL: Cut to a crowded house party. In the middle of the scene, a girl is offered a pill. She backs away awkwardly. GIRL: It can pressure you to do things you’re not really into. VISUAL: Cut to a row of girls all dressed alike, except the one on the end. The groups’ clothes keep changing, and the girl on the end can’t keep up with them. GIRL: And to try to fit in no matter what. VISUAL: Everything rewinds back to the boy in the headlock. The bigger boy who’s holding him down has a moment of realization. He lets the smaller boy go, and the crowd behind him falls apart into a variety of abstract shapes and colors. GIRL: It’s when you start to recognize the influences around you, that you can you can stand up and be yourself. VISUAL: The abstract shapes and colors re-configure themselves into the Above the Influence logo. GIRL:My name’s Geena. And this is what Above the Influence means to me.

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The PRIDE team needs the help of people from every walk of life if the dream of a drug free Bermuda is ever to be achieved. There are many ways to help the cause. Join us today and the next time you see the smiling face of a drug-free child you can also smile, knowing you had a part in that child’s success.

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