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Prevention works. Every year PRIDE celebrates successfully impacting the lives of students through life-changing programs. Here’s a glimpse into some of the amazing things that are happening.

2017 Prevention Stories

    • Red Ribbon 2013 Picture(s)

      Posted December 01 2013

      Highlights of Red Ribbon Week Celebrate Prevention October 21-25 2013. Enjoy

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    • Sunshine League Picture(s)

      Posted July 24 2013

      For the week for 15 - 19 July, The Sunshine League, in partnership with PRIDE Bermuda put on a Summer Camp for 14 year old youth. The difference with this summer camp is that it offers a solid, proven life skills training curriculum specifically geared toward this age group.

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The PRIDE team needs the help of people from every walk of life if the dream of a drug free Bermuda is ever to be achieved. There are many ways to help the cause. Join us today and the next time you see the smiling face of a drug-free child you can also smile, knowing you had a part in that child’s success.

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