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STARS Children’s CAMP Shines!
Posted: August 07, 2013


The week was electrifying! The participants and staff agree that the week was a great success. 100% of the participants learned some new skills.The children increased their knowledge about the disease of addiction… that it’s not their fault! They learned the 7 C’s: They did not Cause it. They cannot Control it. They cannot Cure it But they can take Care of themselves by Communicating their feelings Making good Choices and Celebrating themselves! We are all STARS! Celebrate Yourself!

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The PRIDE team needs the help of people from every walk of life if the dream of a drug free Bermuda is ever to be achieved. There are many ways to help the cause. Join us today and the next time you see the smiling face of a drug-free child you can also smile, knowing you had a part in that child’s success.

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