Pride Bermuda

Projects Overview

Implementing Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST)

At the heart of PRIDE’s programming is the Botvin LST. Validated by over 30 years scientific studies, it teaches students core skills that equip them to make healthy life decisions. How to resist peer pressure, Skills to develop self-esteem Ways to cope with anxiety, Proper knowledge to make informed decisions, PRIDE, in collaboration with Caron Bermuda implements prevention education programs as part of a Student Assistance Program (SAP).

PRIDE Primary Program
It’s important to make an early impact on children if we hope to help them remain drug free. PRIDE’s Youth Club Program reaches out to primary and middle school students (P5-M1) to give them early insight into the disastrous effects of drug use. Combining Botvin LST with fun activities, the primary program is fun and captivating for young children, as well as educational.

Middle School LifeSkills
This program builds on the education the primary program provides and takes students to the next level. In the Middle School LifeSkills training, students are equipped with the skills necessary to not only resist drug use, but to overcome anti-social behavior which often leads to drug use.

Secondary School LifeSkills
This important skill set helps students cope with the challenges of high school. Combining drug resistance with social and self-management skills the program prepares the students for independence and responsibility.

Parent Program

This program is designed to help parents strengthen communication with their children and prevent them using substances. The program works in tandem with the middle and high school LST Program or can be used as an individual home program.

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

This evidence-based program provides students with emotional and social competencies and reduces aggression and behavior problems in primary school-aged children while enhancing the educational process in the classroom.

Psycho-Educational Support Groups
Students can be referred to educational support groups for a series of social-emotional skill building sessions. The most requested groups:

  • Anger Management: Appropriately managing emotions
  • STARS Children’s Program: For students affected by the disease of addiction.
  • Grief & Loss

Other Services
In addition to these core programs, there are many other services PRIDE offers including:

  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Participation in Health Fairs
  • Collaboration with Other Organizations
  • Community Coalition Support
  • Presentations to Youth/Adult Groups