Our Staff

Truell Landy

Interim Executive Director, CPS

Truell has over 30 years of experience working with youth. She began her career in 1981 teaching at Romper Room Day Care under the guidance of her mentor and friend, Mrs. Marion Lister. She worked as Para-Educator for the Department of Education for 7 years before transitioning into full time work in substance abuse prevention. Truell was a PRIDE Advisor for 3 years, before she joined the PRIDE Team in 2001. As the Program Liaison Officer she was responsible for the oversight of 25 school clubs, and assisted with the coordination of weekly Youth 2 Youth Meetings, trainings and annual conferences.


In 2009, Truell received her Prevention Specialist Certification. Subsequently, in a search to prove that prevention does make a difference, Truell was instrumental in leading the organization through transition to adopt two evidence-based prevention programs, LifeSkills Training and Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies, which are currently offered in 13 public/private schools across Bermuda. More and more schools are now implementing prevention programs as part of the school curriculum.


Truell has successfully completed several management and leadership courses and continues to develop her knowledge and skills in the field of prevention. The power of prevention is Truell’s passion.






Samantha Smith, CPS

Program Supervisor, LifeSkills Trainer, Affiliate PATHS Trainer

Samantha has 20 years of experience working with children.  Her experience started as a Camp Counselor in Training. In April 2006, Samantha joined PRIDE as a part time Youth Coordinator Assistant with responsibilities to coordinate the Youth 2 Youth Program and Events. In a very short period she became full time to manage PRIDE Youth Clubs.


In 2010, Samantha received her Prevention Specialist Certification and in the following year completed her certification as a trainer for LifeSkills Program.  Samantha now oversees the program team as Program Supervisor, with 2 PRIDE Program staff and 13 part time field staff. Sam is the lead trainer for LifeSkills Training Program.  


In November 2017, Samantha successfully completed her certification to become Bermuda’s first Affiliate PATHS Trainer, an international certification. Leadership and training are her passion.




Marina Sousa, MSP

Part time Program Coordinator/Evaluator, Affiliate PATHS Trainer

Marina has 16 years of experience working with children.  In September 2009, Marina was invited to join PRIDE as a part time Program Facilitator running psychoeducational groups for children having difficulty with anger, grief and loss. Marina’s passion to provide children with the skills to cope with life’s challenges gave her the opportunity to run the PATHS Program, helping children learn about feelings and build empathy towards others.


In February 2014, Marina took on the role of facilitating the PATHS Program during class time at Elliot Primary.  As a result of years of advocacy, teachers are now running the program in every class, for every student. In May 2018, Marina successfully completed her certification to become one of Bermuda’s first Affiliate PATHS Trainers, an international certification.


In 2015, Marina completed a Masters Degree in Psychology with a focus in Substance Prevention.  Marina is now responsible for program evaluation. Research, evaluation and seeing children thriving is what makes her job rewarding.




Lisa Brewster, BA

Program Coordinator, Affiliate PATHS Trainer

Lisa has over 30 years of experience working with children and young people from infants to high school age.  In March 2014, Lisa joined PRIDE as a part time Program Facilitator responsible for oversight of PRIDE Youth Clubs with 14 part time field staff and teaching LifeSkills Training. In August Lisa became full time Program Coordinator.  


Lisa’s responsibilities expanded to also facilitate the PATHS Program.  In May 2018, she successfully completed her certification to become one of Bermuda’s first Affiliate PATHS Trainers, an international certification.


Lisa has been awarded the 2016 Duperreault Fellow.  She is currently working on a Masters Degree in Prevention. Lisa’s passion is working with young people and helping the community as a whole.






Vetecia Evans

Part time Office Administrator

Vetecia joined PRIDE Staff in December 2016.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in bookkeeping. She also teaches QuickBooks at the community school in Warwick.  Bookkeeping is Vetecia’s passion.



Jennifer Smith

Part time Fund Development Admin

Jennifer joined PRIDE in September 2016 as part time administrative support for the former Executive Director.  In May 2017 Jennifer joined the staff to provide administrative support for fund development. Jennifer’s passion is advocating and helping people.






Carrolldon Benjamin

Longest Serving Volunteer

Carrolldon has over 30 years of experience working with children and young people.  “Aunt Benji” as the young people affectionately call her, began volunteering for PRIDE when her daughter was a teenager in Youth 2 Youth. Aunt Benji has served as cook for many weekend camps and trainings. She has served as board member, chaperone for overseas conferences, role model, program facilitator, coordinator for special events, workshop facilitator, poet, Friday afternoon receptionist. You name it she has done it for youth and seniors alike.


Carrolldon still faithfully volunteers for PRIDE.  She coordinates PRIDE Tag Day, cooks for special events and is willing to do whatever she can to help. She is truly our special jewel. Carrolldon is passionate about volunteering, cooking and bringing joy to people.



Betty Godwin

Long Service Volunteer

Mrs. Godwin has over 40 years of experience working with children and young people.  Mrs. Godwin was a volunteer PRIDE Pal Club Advisor at her school providing drug education for young people.  In 2004, Mrs. Godwin came to volunteer as PRIDE’s receptionist for three days per week.  Her love for people and children in particular is infectious. Mrs. Godwin is open to learning new skills, assist with administrative tasks and keep us on our toes at the same time. Mrs. Godwin is one of our loyal, long serving volunteers with a permanent place in our hearts.  Mrs. Godwin’s passion is children.



Esther Peacock

Volunteer Receptionist

Esther came to volunteer for PRIDE    years ago.  She served faithfully as our Thursday receptionist completing administrative tasks, support to the staff and tagger for our Annual Tag Day.  Esther’s passion is in her quiet strength.



Thank you Volunteers!
We have a special place in our hearts for all of our volunteers.