The purposes of the PATHS Program are to enhance social and emotional competence and understanding in children, as well as to develop a caring, pro-social context that facilitates educational processes in the classroom.



The PATHS® (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) Curriculum is a comprehensive program for promoting emotional and social competencies and reducing aggression and behavior problems in primary school-aged children, while simultaneously enhancing the educational process in the classroom. This innovative curriculum is designed to be used by educators and counselors in a multi-year, universal prevention model. Although primarily focused on the school and classroom settings, information and activities are also provided for use with parents.



Children who participate in the PATHS Program will:

  1. Decrease aggressive/disruptive behaviours
  2. Increase concentration/attention
  3. Increase social and emotion competence

Target Population

PATHS can be implemented with a variety of types of children from Pre-school to Primary 6.