Youth Clubs


The goal of the PRIDE Youth Clubs Program is to promote healthy, positive, drug free living through education and activities and to help others be drug-free by example and leadership.



The PRIDE Youth Clubs Program is designed to provide a foundation of prevention for students who decide to be drug free.  With an emphasis on education, the PRIDE Youth Clubs combines the interactive LifeSkills Training Program by Dr. Gilbert Botvin, fun activities, peer outreach, and community service.



Children who participate in PRIDE Youth Clubs will:

  1. Sustained relationship with positive adult role models.
  2. Participate in on-going pro-social activities.
  3. Stay in school without in-school suspension or out-of school suspension.
  4. Safe place for youth and adults so that youth disclose.
  5. Increased family/ significant adult support at child activities/events.
  6. Students will complete both the pre and post tests of the program.
    • Increase drug knowledge
    • Decrease pro-drug attitudes
    • Increase life skills (application)

Target Population

Students, ages 9 years to 14 years old, in Primary/Middle school, P5 through M3 (Grade 4 - 8) attending either public or private schools can be members of the PRIDE Youth Clubs Program.