Programmes and Services


LifeSkills Training (LST)

LST is for upper primary, middle and high school students. Builds Personal Self-management Skills, Social & Resistance Skills; 

LifeSkills also offers LST for Parents (compliments student programme)


Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

PATHS is for preschool and primary students.  Helps children reduce aggressive/disruptive behaviour, build empathy and improves learning environments


Professional Development

PRIDE's certified LifeSkills Trainers and Affiliate PATHS Trainers provide specialized training for programme implementation. Staff also conduct Social Emotional Learning Workshops for adults.


Evaluation Services

PRIDE provides programme evaluation and monitoring services for LifeSkills Training and PATHS Programmes.


Community Change through The Bermuda Coalition

PRIDE is a member of the Bermuda Coalition (charities, government agencies, private organizations and individuals) whose strategic role is to work together to

prevent anti-social behaviour, substance abuse and violence through community partnerships, public education and capacity building.


Community Development

PRIDE is available for presentations at forums, conferences, health fairs etc.